Treatment Approaches

Alternative and Augmentative Communication

  • Talking Mats
  • Supported Conversation – provision of strategies and training in the use of communication aids or ramps to facilitate effective two-way communication
  • Conversational partner training
  • Support with basic and high-tech Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)
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Aphasia Therapy

  • Semantic therapy (activities and tasks to strengthen the meanings of words)
  • Melodic intonation therapy
  • Promoting aphasics communicative effectiveness (PACE)
  • Semantic Feature Analysis treatment
  • Word-finding strategies, word-retrieval cueing strategies
  • Problem solving scenarios
  • Errorless Learning Approach


  • Education and advice about communication difficulties
  • Training to clients and carers in communication strategies

Technology based approaches

  • Use of Computer-based programmes or apps such as Tactus Therapy
  • Video recording and visual and auditory feedback

Voice Therapy approaches

  • Vocal hygiene and voice exercises
  • Think Loud programme
  • Compensatory strategies
  • Relaxation techniques
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Counselling approaches:

  • Brief solution focussed therapy
  • Basic counselling skills
  • Mindfulness


  • “Stammer more Fluently” approach

Swallowing Treatment approaches

  • Diet Modication
  • Swallowing manoeuvres
  • Swallowing exercises
  • Environmental modifications